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Advantages of Twitch Advertisements

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

For those of you that aren't full aware of what Twitch is, Twitch is an online streaming platform owned by Amazon. To understand what "streaming" is, lets start with a definition. Sjoblom & Hamari define streaming as the “cultural phenomenon of live broadcasts of user-generated content.” A stream consists of a broadcaster, or “streamer”, transmitting live video over the internet to their audience. This live video is transmitted from a personal computer, mobile phone or gaming console to a streaming site such as

On the platform, Content Creators broadcast live recordings while playing video games, skating, eating, cooking, working out, teaching trade-skills, the list goes on and on. The audience spectates this and can send messages to communicate with the streamer and other viewers publicly.

The average stream consists of the main video, an additional webcam with a view of the streamer (optional), and the Twitch chat to the right of the main video.

Each broadcaster has their own "channel" page, which can be customized with information about the streamer and rules for the channel.

As an Advertiser/Brand, why should this matter to me?

Twitch reachs 50% of ALL millennial males in America

Yes that's a real statistic. 50% of all millennial males use Twitch. If you want to reach millennial males, which chances are you definitely do, then Twitch is the right platform for you.

There are:

15 million daily active users

2.2 million (and growing) unique content creators per month

100+ minutes watched per viewer per day (on average)

2+ million peak concurrent site wide viewers

In 2016 there were over 292 BILLION minutes watched and 14.2 BILLION messages sent. All this results in Twitch commanding 1.8% (much higher now since these reports are based in 2018 end of year) of peak U.S internet traffic. These numbers are ahead of Hulu, Facebook, and even Amazon.

All this leads to massive advertisement opportunities. Most viewers develop a sense of trust with the streamers they watch, and tend to highly value their opinions. This opens doors to many forms of advertisement and brand collaborations. The effectiveness of advertising inside traditional media has shown that a person’s social environment can have a significant impact on brand awareness. The social environment created between streamer and viewers has similar effects. Research has found a significant improvement in brand recognition in people who observed the gameplay of others.Unlike traditional media, most gameplay live streams are user-generated media, and the social context of a stream is influenced greatly by individual streamers.

Advertising on Twitch by being partnered with an influencer can be as simple or creative as you wish. A streamer might include your brand in a sponsored stream title or on a tile on their channel page or even having your Ad placed directly on the stream overlay. This allows your advertisement to CONSTANTLY be in the viewers face and field of vision for hours. Instead of advertisements being skipped after 5 seconds or scrolled past on social media, brands can have their Ads running nonstop visually and the streamer will consistently mention them for audio cues as well.

An example of this, during a Totino's Pizza Rolls sponsored stream, streamers would reward themselves by eating pizza rolls on stream after each win along with the brands visuals overlayed on stream. The possibilities are endless.

Another example is during a stream it only took about 60 seconds from when popular streamer Mike "Shroud" Grzesiek mentioned the Cougar Gaming case he was thinking about purchasing, to the Cougar Gaming website being over-flooded with traffic and had to temporarily shut down. When your brand is mentioned on stream, viewers instantly react. With scheduled streams, you should be able to accurately track how being mentioned on Twitch can direct viewers to your brand.

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